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Save 15% with our yearly plans. We are open 24/7

Save 15% with our yearly plans. We are open 24/7

Prove your doubters wrong, Make your supporters proud, Do it for you!

Gym, Coaching & merchandise

Three Locations

Saint Charles, MN

Rushford, MN

Chatfield, MN

About Cutting Edge Fitness

We have everything you need for an optimal training session. This facility has everything for all levels of fitness! Free weights, cable machines, cardio machines, and much more!

Membership based facility with Coaching available; as well as 24/7 access to members. We strive in providing a safe and functional environment, while inspiring individuals to believe in themselves and to never give up.

In 2012, the Cutting Edge Fitness name was established as a coaching/training business. As the next 4 years went by, lots of hard work went into building the brand name and helping clients. In 2016, the Saint Charles Gym location was established.

In 2022 we expanded to Rushford, MN for our second location!

In 2024 we expanded to Chatfield, MN for our third location!

Each stage of growing this business has been a battle of hard work, never giving up, and a whole lot of meaning! Below you can see the evolution of the logo designs through-out the years! The Green Color and Claw design started taking place in 2014.

One Membership allows access to all locations!

The Cutting Edge Fitness community is like one big family!


Get To Know Jarred Burt

-Owner of Cutting Edge Fitness.

 In high school I was one of the captains for the football team and got all conference as a Defensive Tackle. I Graduated from St. Charles in 2005. I went to RCTC in Rochester for 2 years and played football there as a defensive tackle. My last game there, I tore my ACL. I decided to not go play anywhere else after that, but a couple years later decided to play for a semi pro/amateur team, Rochester Giants (No longer a team) as a defensive tackle. I did that for 3 years until a 2nd knee injury made me decide to walk away from playing.

 I played basketball and baseball in my little kid years, but I didn’t stick with them once high school came around. Football and off season training was all I wanted to do. Basketball is one I always enjoyed and wish I stuck with. I also wish I would have thrown shot put in Track.

 I coached football in Saint Charles as a volunteer for 8 years helping with the varsity as a defensive line coach. My final two years there, I helped with the running backs as well! I was also the supervisor of the weight room for after school hours!

 I did an internship at RCTC as an Athletic Trainer and also worked in the weight room there for work study credits. Gyms were always in my life! I got my first weight set in the 5th grade and always enjoyed different ways of training!

 I first went to college for Business management because I knew I wanted to own my own business someday and just wanted to play football at the moment. Then, it switched to Athletic Training, then it switched to Exercise science. I knew I wanted to be around Athletics in some way. I wanted to help others achieve their goals anyway I could physically or mentally, Or, just convince them to at least try and go for it no matter what anyone thinks! Or, maybe they have self doubt and just need a little nudge to go for it!

 I graduated from RCTC, went to WSU for 1 year and dropped out for all kinds of reasons. 2011 I got certified as a personal trainer. Then I got a flyer in the mail box from Minnesota School of Business. This made something click in me to finish my Bachelors degree. I couldn’t keep it unfinished. So, I did that and graduated with a Health and Fitness bachelor’s degree. I worked at WOW for a quick 6 months, then I started my own personal training business and it went very well.

In 2012 the name Cutting Edge Fitness was established as I started my Coaching Business.  As I spent the next 4 years building the name and clientele helping many with their goals, the idea of wanting to start my own gym sparked up.  I wanted to bring something special to my Hometown of Saint Charles. In 2016, the Saint Charles location was established! Fast forward, here we are in 2022 with a 2nd location in Rushford, MN, and in 2024 a 3rd location in Chatfield, MN! With the goal to bring awesome gyms to small towns that people will feel great coming to! I worked many jobs throughout my life as well that helped lead me to this point! Also, with many people inspiring, teaching, and helping me along the way!

 Currently I compete in USA amateur boxing that I started in 2019, something I have always wanted to do and finally doing it! I enjoy many things in life and look forward to the future! I have my Strength and Conditioning Coaching Certification and Sports Nutrition Certification from ISSA which I Completed in 2021 to continue my education!

 We all have supporters and doubters and my life motto is “PROVE YOUR DOUBTERS WRONG, MAKE YOUR SUPPORTERS PROUD, DO IT FOR YOU” Welcome to Cutting Edge Fitness!

Contact us today!


Jarred Burt: Owner  

(507) 421-9891

Landon Majerus: General Manager

 (507) 273-2596



942 Whitewater Ave, St Charles, MN 55972

Always open 24/7

104 West Jessie Street, Rushford, MN 55971

Always open 24/7

214 Main St S, Chatfield, MN 55923

Always open 24/7