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Save 15% with our yearly plans. We are open 24/7

Save 15% with our yearly plans. We are open 24/7


Gage G.

Very nice gym, equipment is kept clean! Nice owner!

Katrina N.

New member, love the gym! Great atmosphere . Would highly recommend

Maddie G.

We love going to Cutting Edge! Such a great atmosphere, friendly staff, clean and enjoyable! Recommend to everyone!

Ray R.

Cutting Edge is a great place to get fit. Set your own pace & enjoy the clean, professional atmosphere 24/7. Located in the heart of downtown St. Charles.

Kasey S.

Just joined almost a month ago and love it! This gym has an incredible selection of weights and equipment. I also cashed in on a training session with Jarred and learned a TON! Can’t wait to start doing something different. Jarred is very knowledgeable and is great at teaching new techniques, I would recommend Cutting Edge Fitness to anyone!

MIranda M.

Just started using the gym... great atmosphere, colorful, clean, motivating! Equipment for everything and everyone! Personal training with dedicated app for scheduling! would recommend for anyone, beginner or expert!!! Jarred is very personable and willing to help! Opportunity for incentives!

Chance P.

great gym suitable for all kinds of workouts, whether it's lifting heavy weights or doing cardio, he's got a machine for it. probably my favorite gym that I've been too.

Jessy S.

Great facility! Best gym i have ever belonged too! No pressure atmosphere!
5 Stars

Nick B.

I love going there! Jarred is a good owner, he keeps the place looking good, its a good atmosphere, friendly people using the gym, and an overall good set up.
5 Stars

Mike D.

Give credit where credit is due...Jarred has a great set up. Equipment for all varieties of fitness. Very personable too, always willing to help. Spends a lot of time helping young athletes develop strength and creating great work ethics in the gym. Give Jarred's gym a shot, you won't be disappointed. Class Act!

Jerad C.

Love the place, great equipment and Jarred is always adding on, plus Jarred is always willing to give out pointers and does personal training too if interested

Tammi B.

It is an awesome place to go and just get energized and feel good about it and see what you accumplish.